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How to Effectively Market your Mobile App

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Create memorable content

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One of the most effective ways to get people talking about your app is to provide highly memorable and shareable content. As always content is king and memorable content that grabs the reader’s attention will be shared more frequently, setting off a positive feedback loop of even more sharing. A good avenue for this is to create a blog and provide interesting blog posts. A blog can function to update users on all the major changes to the app, present informational videos, or share helpful tips on a subject related to your product. In my Internet Marketing class, my group project is focused on marketing a Chicago Crime Locator app so our blog could be geared toward providing useful tips on how to reduce crime in your local neighborhood.

 Gain fans by establishing a Facebook Page

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Creating a Facebook page for your app is an inexpensive and effective way to develop your fanbase. The idea here is to post content that is related to your app, but not about the app itself. Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm, EdgeRank, has worked to filter out content that users couldn’t care less about or will respond to negatively. Sharing compelling content related to your app that people respond to will generate comments and likes, enough to stay at the top of thousands of peoples’ newsfeeds for a day. This placement, in turn, generates greater clicks and higher sales. Facebook ads can be another way to target your particular audience. On Facebook you can target people based on their age, gender, education, marital status, interests, job title, and employer thus narrowing your ad placement by the niche and reaching the customers who are most likely to buy. Our crime locator app’s Facebook page could be a place to post content from our blog or share posts from other organizations that are involved in crime reduction within the Chicagoland area.


Tweet about your app


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Establishing a twitter handle for your app is essential. It’s a great source for networking, allowing you to reach influencers by mentioning them in your tweets. This, in turn, enables you to gain more followers and drive downloads of your app. The search function allows you to generate new leads by searching for tweets by people who are looking for the service that your app provides. Twitter Advanced Search allows users to narrow their searches according to certain search criteria, including “Place.” In the case of marketing for a Chicago Crime Locator app, we might use Twitter to target people who are tweeting about their plans to visit Chicago and are looking for more information about Chicago neighborhoods. Twitter is also an easy way to reach out to your users and deliver customer support. Responding to customers who are tweeting to you can be helpful in establishing a positive image of your brand as being friendly, responsive, and courteous. Creating a customized hashtag can help get the conversation about your product started.