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SEO Portfolio

   SEO for jimmilan.com

In this SEO portfolio, you can view some examples of my work. As a result of my optimizations, this site ranks on the first page of Google search results for:

chicago seo expert featured snippet

SEO for Evolution Point

In my time performing SEO for Evolution Point’s website:

  • the number of Sessions increased 29%
  • the total number of Users increased 27%
  • Avg. Time on Page increased 14%
  • Traffic (an SEMRush metric of the number of users expected to visit the website in the following month) increased from 7 to 88 (+1157%)
  • Keywords in the Top 20 Search Results increased from 10 to 28 (+180%)

Before I began optimizing this Case Study page for Evolution Point, it was ranking:

  • 14th for cta goroo (70)
  • 15th for rta goroo (110)
  • 18th for goroo trip planner (260)

As a result of my SEO work, it ranked:

  • 4th for rta goroo (110)
  • 5th for goroo trip planner (260)
  • 8th for cta goroo (70)
  • 8th for cta trip planner goroo (170)
  • 9th for rta trip planner chicago (590)
  • 12th for cta rta trip planner (40)
  • 13th for rta chicago trip planner (390)
  • 15th for cta trip planner app (70)
  • 15th for cta trip planner (40,500)
  • 16th for trip planner cta (1,600)
  • 16th for cta trip planer (70)
  • 17th for cta train planner (50)
  • 17th for rta trip planner chicago il (90)
  • 17th for cta trip planner chicago (170)
  • 17th for cta chicago trip planner (110)
  • 17th for chicago rta trip planner (90)
  • 20th for rta trip planner chicago transit authority (20)

SEO Search Engine Optimizaiton for Evolution Point

SEO for Mabbly

In my time working at Mabbly:

  • Sessions increased by 95%
  • Users increased by 48.82%
  • Pageviews increased by 50.72%
  • Pages/Session increased from 1.51 to 1.61
  • Bounce Rate decreased by 5.29%
  • Percentage of New Sessions increased by 3.93%
  • Google/Organic Sessions increased by 48.81%
  • Direct Sessions increased by 26.19%.

Before I began optimizing Mabbly’s SEO services page, Mabbly was not ranking for any terms related to SEO. After my optimization efforts, the page ranked in the top 20 for the following keywords:

  • Affordable SEO services (880)
  • Affordable SEO agency (50)
  • Affordable SEO services company (30)
  • Affordable SEOs (10)
  • Affordable SEO service company (10)

I also provided SEO services for over 15 of Mabbly’s clients.

SEO Portfolio Mabbly

Link Building for Delta Institute: Analyzing Competitors’ Backlinks

  • By analyzing the backlinks of Elevate Energy, an organization similar to Delta Institute, I was able to identify community-wealth.org as a website that might link back to Delta Institute. SEO statistics for community-wealth.org include: MOZ Domain Authority: 54, Majestic Trust Flow: 22, Majestic Citation Flow: 41
  • I wrote up the language for an email to community-wealth.org describing Delta’s mission and requesting information on how to be included on their site. Community-wealth.org responded by including Delta Institute on their site with a link back to Delta’s website. This is how I was able to attain an inbound link from a high authority website for Delta Institute.

Link Building for Delta Institute

Link Building for etcetera! Blog

Secured a .edu backlink for Collections Etc.’s blog post on Spring Gardening from Virginia Tech

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